Coffee the start-me-up for night workouts

Reading of the recent report on caffeine use by elite athletes as a training aide, I decided to try coffee before my night workout.

After forty-five minutes on the elliptical machine, I’d already been drinking an energy drink containing caffeine equivalent to a cup of strong coffee.

Now, one hour before PM exercise, I have a whole grain dinner roll. I then drink a cup of coffee with sugar thirty minutes later.

With the additional caffeine before the workout, I find that the night sessions are much more productive — the equivalent of mornings. I’ve notched up the resistance on the elliptical machine and can be much more vigorous with the jump rope. Plus, as I am generally mentally fatigued during these late hours, this amounts to found time.

For me, caffeine wakes up motivation, endurance and strength, but not reaction time. Also, my eye sight is not good under low-light conditions and caffeine does not change that. So, using coffee and energy drinks to jump start a late workout is great for the gym or a track. For safety’s sake, I find that running or bicycling in the streets with cars is still best done in the day when I am wide awake.